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Top Things You Should Know About Skip Bin Hire

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Skip bin hire has become very popular amongst commercial and residential property, thanks to the vast benefits it offers. Other than being affordable, this service is reliable, efficient and plays a significant role in conserving the environment. However, the only way you can get quality services is to make informed choices. This post will outline essential tips nobody will tell you about skip bin hire.

Make advance bookings 

Every person wants to work with the best skip bin provider in their area, and the only way to secure your chance is to book the skip earlier. The last thing you want is to have trash lying aimlessly around your compound because you haven't found a reliable skip bin company. Other than dealing with the awful smell the rubbish may produce, you will attract pests and insects to your compound, which is risky for your loved ones. Therefore, make sure you book a skip bin in advance to avoid these problems.

Acquire a permit

If you don't have a driveway or adequate space to store your skip bin, the only option you have is to keep it on the pavement or road. The local council doesn't allow property owners to place skip bins on the road without a permit, so you'll need to visit their offices to get it. Wondering why? Well, pavements and roads are public property, so if you store the skip bin without authorisation, you'll risk getting fined, and the skip bin will be taken away.

Exercise caution

There are safety precautions you need to practice whenever you use a skip bin. For instance, the waste you place in the skip should be on an approved list. This means you cannot store items like tiles, bricks or metal in a skip that's intended for general household rubbish. As you hire a skip, the expert will ask you what you intend to store, so be honest since this will determine the kind of skip you'll get. Generally, there are skips for old furniture, green waste like tree branches, clippings and stumps, household waste, electronic equipment and construction waste.

Choose reputation over price

As you search for a skip hire company, you'll come across many companies, and you might be tempted to choose the one that offers a cheap quote. While that's not wrong, it's always better to go for a company that has an excellent reputation and experience in the industry. Such a company will be efficient in everything they do, including how they dump waste.