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What You Shouldn't Put in Your Skip Bin

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So you're thinking of hiring a skip bin for your next big spring clean? Well, before you begin, you should know that there are certain things that have no business being in a skip bin or anywhere near one for that matter. 

Putting any of the following items in a skip bin will cost you time and potentially a lot of money.


If you're not sure how to identify asbestos, a quick internet search will help you identify this harmful substance. Call your local council for advice on how to safely dispose of asbestos as anyone unloading your skip bin later will be unknowingly exposed to its harmful effects. 

Ancient Treasure

Just because you have been using that chunk of metal as a doorstop for years, that doesn't mean it is not valuable. You may think that battered wardrobe, or cracked mirror is junk but to someone else it could be worth a skip bin full of money.   


Batteries are dangerous to the environment. They leak toxic chemicals into the soil around them, and therefore do not belong in your skip bin.


Just as this Devon farm discovered, chickens are not garbage and have no place in your skip bin. 

Hazardous Liquids

Cleaners, pesticides, poison and oil are hazardous to people and the environment, and it is against the law to dump them in your skip bin. 

Human or Animal Waste

Human and animal waste can be deadly to anyone in contact with it. Dog faeces carries deadly diseases like roundworms, parvo and corona. 


Paint contains harmful chemicals and if left in your skip bin, especially in summer, it will release dangerous fumes into the air. 


Believe it or not, somehow, people do end up in skip bins. There is no place for people in skip bins!

Propane Tanks

In hot weather propane tanks can explode, injuring anyone in the vicinity and damaging the skip bin. Call your local council for advice on how to safely dispose of one. 

Winning Scratch Cards

Just before you toss that bag of losing scratch cards away, double check because you might just be throwing away a million dollars.

As long as you avoid putting any of the aforementioned items in your skip bin, your spring clean, renovation, or gardening makeover should progress smoothly. Call your local council for help disposing of hazardous materials like asbestos and remember to double check the value of that cobweb covered violin in the corner before you chuck it out! And talk with someone from a company like A West Bin before you hire a bin.