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Skip Bin Rental: 3 Ways for Avoiding Additional Charges

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Renting skip bins is necessary for getting rid of waste produced by construction sites. There are different types of skip bins designed to store different types of waste materials, and you should consult with a construction company to determine what the needs of your project are. To lower your overall expenses, here are 3 ways you can avoid additional charges when renting skip bins.

Verify the Capacity of the Skip Bin

Depending on the size of the construction project and the estimated amount of waste that will be produced, the size of the skip bin you choose will vary. Taking the time to calculate the estimated amount of waste that will be produced and choosing a skip bin size that can cater to that can help you save a significant chunk of money. If you underestimate the size of the skip bin needed, you run the risk of overloading it. This means that the skip bins exceed their maximum capacity.

Sort Waste into the Right Bins

The type of waste that is being disposed of will also affect your overall cost. To avoid additional charges, you should be diligent in sorting the waste into proper skip bins because the whole bin is generally treated as the most expensive material being disposed. In addition, you could get charged extra if the skip bin company finds the wrong waste in the bins.

For example, asbestos, which is the most expensive waste to dispose, should always be sorted into separate removal skip bins. These skip bins must be double-lined with plastic that has a thickness of at least 200 microns, and need to be sealed with quality duct tape.

Avoid Waste Materials that May Result in Unpleasant Surprises

Always keep a note of the type of waste materials that may be considered hazardous or may require special attention. This may include tyres, batteries, oil cans and old paint cans. If possible, find a different outlet of getting rid of these waste materials because they can easily cause unpleasant surprises to happen. Should anything go wrong, the skip bin rental companies responsible for disposing the waste may tack on additional charges to your bill.


To reduce your overall expenses, make sure to read the fine print before renting any skip bins. It's important to be aware of the type of waste materials that can be tossed into each bin order to avoid as many additional charges as possible.